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Dental compressors
Dental equipment new
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Dental compressors

Sales and service compressors for dental units (drills) Italica company MGF . The range of compressor includes both the oil-free compressors and is extremely quiet compressors that use oil. The choice is yours!

Brand new dental equipments

Brand new dental units from market leader - EURODENT company . Extremely reliable and technologically advanced machines will provide reliable and trouble-free operation. Certainly - dental units EURODENT will help to raise the level of services to a new level.

Dental Equipment

Sale and rental of dental equipment of leading firms of Italy and Germany

  • KaVo
  • Emda
  • Anthos Anteo
  • OMS
  • Ritter
  • Siemens
  • Castellini
  • Eurodent

The restoration of dental equipment:
  • complete dental restoration systems and armchairs doctor;
  • replacement plating;
  • replacement of all the necessary parts and components;
  • dental units painting with acryl paints
We will provide any convenient for the dentist PACKAGE necessary tools.
We will offer replacement renee we purchased dental equipment.

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